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Vertical Drop Shades

Shade Solutions by A Better Construction (ABC)
offers all types of awnings for a variety of residential and commerical applications. When it comes to awnings Shades Solutions has you covered. There are a number of different names for Vertical Dropdown Awnings. You might know them as a Drop Down Awning, Straight Drop Awnings, Rolling shade awnings, Roll-Up Awnings, Drop Arm Awnings

Our goals are to provide quality products, superior service and
excellent value !

Shade Solution of Oklahoma
 provides residential, commercial and industrial awnings  canopies, welded structural aluminum frames and retractible awnings for any type of residental or commercial application. We have you covered when it comes to a Shade Solution. ABC has been extraordinary structures for over three decades.

Vertical drop rolling shade screens are great for use in a home or a commerical application. These type of shades can be track, cable or zip line type and can be automatic or manual controlled.

UV shade protection - Awnings offer cool comfort and excellent protection from harmful UV rays on the sunniest of days. In fact, fabrics have been proven to provide up to 98% protection from the sun's harmful effects when used in shade applications.

Shade Solutions has all your awnings needs covered.

Single drop arm awnings - Single drop arm awnings are mainly used to prevent glare. As they are quite fragile, they should not be installed onto buildings on main streets in order to avoid deterioration.

Double drop arm awnings - Double drop arm awnings combine the features of both vertical blinds and drop arm awnings. In case of direct sunlight, the vertical part of the awning lowers to the suitable level and the inferior part rises, giving the occupants an outdoor view.

Dutch canopies
- Dutch canopies act as awnings and blend-into older building facades particularly well. They are usually kept in the same position throughout the day as they give a certain look to the facade.

Straight Drop Awnings - These awnings can roll up out of the way when not in use and are also available with  hand crank or motorized models. These are available for interior and exterior applications in a variety of materials and colors.

Roll-up shades can be made of translucent fabric that gives you a clear view of the outside, but you can relax in privacy because they block the view from the outside in. Solar Screens roll up neatly into a housing that sits above your window and roll down easily when you need them.

Vertical track blinds are availble in both a manual crank or motorized versions with a high wind auto retraction option.

Reduce Cooling Energy Costs - Often referred to as "sunglasses for windows," solar window roller shades are an attractive kind of reflective window treatment. Solar window roller shades provide interior sun protection while preserving your beautiful exterior views.

Energy Savings An awning will keep your energy costs down by blocking the sun's heat in warmer months. The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers confirms that an awning can reduce heat gain by 55-65% on southern-facing windows and 72-77% on western exposures.

Protection from Fading - solar window shades helps to protect furniture and fabrics, reduce glare and limit heat gain. Reflective shades are ideal for residential or commercial offices, media rooms or any room with glaring sunlight.

There are three types of vertical awnings:

  1. vertical screens that can be hidden so that they fit-in discretely with the facade. 
  2. vertical screens with box that provide optimum protection for the canvas by means of their housing.
  3. wind-resistant screens where the canvas remains perfectly taut even when it is windy. A mechanical protection against winds is often integrated, a lock at the bottom of each lateral guide rail guarantees a perfect alignment of the load bars. 

The choice of canvas is important since it influences the way in which heat is transmitted, reflected and absorbed. It is usually a perforated canvas made from woven ‑fiberglass or polyester coated and held by 2 lateral rails or cables.

Daytime Privacy -
  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, on a sunny day, reflective window blinds can reduce heat gain by approximately 45 percent when they are closed and lowered.

Retractable awnings provide shade on demand.
 The awning is available when you need it; otherwise, it remains retracted. Maintenance is a breeze, because the awning is not constantly exposed to the elements.


Beautiful covering options for any typre of shade application.

Since Sunbrella awning fabrics come in over 150 styles and colors, you're sure to find several choices that will complement your home's exterior and coordinate with your home's interior.

Fabric Selections - From traditional solids and stripes to contemporary variations of designer hues, you can select a fabric to suit your home's exterior. Even better, you can coordinate your awning with deck or patio furnishings made with Sunbrella furniture fabrics.

Since all Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean and fade resistant, you can be sure that your awnings and outdoor furniture, will look beautiful for years and years.     

Valance styles - The right valance style can anchor your awning to the architectural style of your home. Straight valances are safe choice, but Oceanwave is lovely on many home styles and it can be scaled to work beautifully with a stripe. Gothic is a good option for a home with traditional or formal styling, and it can be trimmed with contrasting fabric for a custom look.

Sunroom and Skylight coverings

Lateral arm awnings
- Also called retractible awnings or blinds. See our Retractible Awning section.


The Skin Cancer Foundation is the only global organization concerned exclusively with cancer of the skin. With proper shade you know that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors. 

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Your Rolling Shutters Provide Safety, Comfort & Privacy. 

Comfort, Security, Privacy, Storm Protection & Energy SavingsAll at the touch of a button.

If you are concerned with protecting your family and home from damaging storms, the sun's intense UV rays and reducing your home's heating and cooling cost, then you realize the importance of window and home opening protection.

Rolling shutters powered provide peace of mind all the while enhancing your lifestyle. Complement your home’s decor while providing an added measure of security and privacy. You can now protect your home from Mother Nature and secure it automatically. Reduce noise, manage artificial light, and optimize energy efficiency with the confidence and convenience that only rolling shutters can provide.

Motorized rolling awnings & shutters make life easier for household occupants. Awnings come in many shapes and sizes, plus hundreds of fabric patterns and colors.

Enjoy sun and shade with automated retractable awning !

Benefits of Motorized Include:

Effortlessly adjust hard to reach window coveringsEffortlessly adjust hard to reach window coverings

Easily manage glareEasily manage glare

Protect furnishings from harmful UV raysProtect furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Lower energy bills by balancing natural and artificial light as well as <strong>managing heat loss and gainLower energy bills by balancing natural and artificial light as well as managing heat loss and gains.

Expand your outdoor living space with a motorized awningExpand your outdoor living space with a motorized awning,

Increase security with motorized rolling shuttersIncrease security with motorized rolling shutters.

Use sensors and timers to automate your homeUse sensors and timers to automate your home,

Integrate motorized products into home automation systems for total home control from a single controllerIntegrate motorized products into home automation systems for total home control from a single controller.

How Does Solar Screens Do All That?
Solar Screen Material cools and protects by reducing heat and UV rays in 3 ways.
They Block the sun's hear and UV rays, Absorb the heat and Dissipates it with the airflow through the screen.

We Innovate, Inform, and Inspire all types of Shade Solutions!_____________________________________

Extend outdoor living space – Enhance lifestyle and comfort - Increase energy savings - Find protection from the sunPreserve your awning: All at the touch of a button.

Imagine extending your retractable awning effortlessly from inside your home or while you’re already outside, so your deck or patio is a comfortable, shaded place, where you can spend more time enjoying life.

We offers reliable and flexible solutions for retractable awnings that are easy to use which provides awning users with new, simple and innovative operating functions that can be adapted to any lifestyle.

Operations - Shade Solutions offer a all types of motorized screen system with a automatic high wind override detection system.

Motors can be installed for every type of vertical awning.

Level 1: Motorize your home

Convenience and luxury of motorized window coverings: total control at the touch of a button. In-wall, table top or handheld control options for simplified control of interior and exterior window coverings.

Level 2: Automate Your Home

Use sensors and timers to keep your home running smoothly. Bullet - ArrowGood Morning: At 7am every weekday morning, all your blinds and shades automatically rise for a gentle wake up call.
Bullet - ArrowAutomatically manage heat gain and protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Level 3: Total Home Control with a Home Automation System

Integrate control of motorized window coverings into a home automation system  Bullet - ArrowTaHomA, Somfy’s Total Home Automation solution, lets users control Somfy-powered motorized products along with lighting and thermostats for intuitive home energy management.

Somfy, A Warranty of Quality

Somfy offers its professional customers (installers, manufacturers, resellers, etc.) a five-year warranty on its motors and controls, starting from the date of manufacturSomfy&#39;s motor and controls - Five year warrantye. This is offered in the context of conditions clearly set out for professionals. 

Motors and controls for the following exterior solar shading applications:

To avoid any damage due to strong winds, awnings may be motorized and connected to wind sensors.
Sun sensors are also recommended in order to fully benefit from the shading device features.

Exterior solar shading and facade applications offer the best performance in terms of solar heat rejection because they reflect sunlight before it reaches glazing.

For safety reasons external systems should be combined with weather sensors (wind, rain, sun). This will ensure that during strong winds or poor weather conditions the system will retract automatically.

Manual Operation - Smaller drop arm awnings are perfect for hand operation. Simply open your drop arm when you feel like it with the supplied crank handle.

Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings - are a special type of facade awnings and enable you to regulate the amount of light that shines directly into your rooms. The infinitely adjustable angle of projection with these types of awnings can individually regulate the view outside as well as the amount of light shining directly into the property.

Drop-arm and combination awnings are not only suitable for windows on facades but also ensure a comfortable room temperature in conservatories in addition to perfect sun protection and privacy.

Drop-arm and awnings are tailor-made and offer a full range of options. Continual quality control and the use of tried and tested brand fabrics with up to 100% UV protection guarantee maximum safety and functionality.

Choose from over 300 cover designs and thousands of colour combinations. Depending on the model and desired comfort level the awning is driven either manually using a crank or by a motor,
which can also easily be operated via remote control with a sun/wind sensors.

Retractible Pergola Awnings -
Shade Solutions offers all types of retractible awnings.




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