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Air Conditioner Cages

Signature Security Solutions by A Better Construction Company
can custom
 fabricate a variety of security products and its related
services for residential and commerical security application. 
We can provide a turn key solution for all your security needs. Security Solutions designs and builds all types of security cages including its  "COPPERHEAD" swing out air conditioner cages.

Just let us know what level of security your would like to have?

There is a reason why we are #1 in Security Cages. We build a better quality cage to protect your investment...

Copper thieves are on the rampage !

Air conditioning condenser coils can be stolen in a matter of of a couple of minutes. Replacement of just a single standard size condenser unit can cost well over $3,500.00 or alot more if your business has to shut down while emergency repairs takes place.

The Copper Thieves can take the copper coils out of your unit on site in less then a couple of minutes or just take the complete units off site within seconds.

Air Conditioner Copper Thefts -
The cold hard facts are that air conditioners are unprotected and a real easy target item for thieves to take.

Some air conditioner security cages are being marketed as protection cages and they are no more then a hollow core cages that is just a joke to the the copper thieves. The copper thieves might use a battery powered recepticating power saw or a set of bolt cutter that prove to no match to these AC condenser units.

Signature Security Solutions
offers serveral different COPPERHEAD security cages all designed to protect your air conditioner condenser coils from copper thefts

Once stolen, The copper thieves often come right back and steal your replacement AC units again!

Different types of AC Security Cages -

Level 1 - A strap type of cage is used protect your air conditioner condenser coils from being taken off site. It is a strap over the the top of the unit but will not protect your AC units from them thieves who might tear into the units and gut it for it copper contents on site.

Level 2 - A Bar type of security cages is only recommend if the cage was built out of a high quality and thicker materials. Most bar cages are made of lighter weight hollow core materials because the lighter weight tubing materials will reduce the the cost of shipping cost of the units. We have seen some AC attacks that where successful in cutting such bars or doing damage to the units between the bars.

Level 3 - A non-swing out or fixed type ope top cap - full protection expanded metal security cage that offers you best protection and peace of mind from your unit being gutted on site or from it being taken off site. That is why we call it a full protection type of cage.

Level 4 Copperhead security cage painted

Level 4 - A custom made Copperhead is a swing out type of full protection hinged cage for easy servicing of the AC units. Standard Copperhead cages have a painted surface. The cage locking system may very per the customers wants and needs. 

Level 5 - A custom made Copperhead Plus is a swing out type of full protection hinged cage for easy servicing of the AC units. The advanced Copperhead Plus cages have a powder coated surface. The cage locking system may very per the customers wants and needs.

Installation Services -  SSS can be provided the cage installation. Depending on the application either the cage has to built to attach to the a concrete surface or the cage has to built with extended legs for installation into concrete pears.

Painting or Powder Coating Services -
SSS can provided painting as well as powder coating services as an optional services. The powder coating services is offered
though a third party service provider with over 60 different color options. If you want a cage that doesn't require any additional future maintinance such as painting then you can have it powder coated for a lifetime surface protected coating.


Pricing - Each security cage application is different as all cages are custom built and can be built of different types materials of different thickness with it own features and styles. Additional services may also be required to fill each customers wants, needs and requirements for there own security applications requirements.

SSS offer all types of decorative metal option and we can build a designer series of security cage.

  Within any security cage application that is using a pad lock the customers must supply there own lock that they would like to

The Police say an epidemic of thefts has business and homeowners throughout the region losing thousands of dollars every day and security against this new crime wave is literally going through the roof.

Your security shouldn't be a one size fits all, quick fix, band aid installation. We take your security seriously and
SSS can custom build a much heavier security cage then our competitors will offer you. 

What level of security would you like to have ?

The competitions light weight hollow core one size fits all cage that are just bolted together.
 Beware that bolt cutter or a battery powered recepticating saw is the tools of the trades in the cooper thefts business and they may cut though these types of of security cages.

Beware of the security cage in a box as they built for light weight,  because of its shipping cost !  

Examples of under protected AC security cages.

Signature Security Solutions custom builds AC security cage can be mounted to the building and into the ground as needed. Each cage application is different.

We have installed hundreds of cages and has not had a single attack attempt on one of its cages, there is just to many easier targets !
can provide you with a metal barriers designed to keep your unit safe on the ground instead of on the counters of scrap metal shops.

LAWTON, Okla. -- Copper thieves targeted a charity that will have to shell out thousands to repair the damage left behind. 
Lawton police said the crooks targeted copper wiring inside air conditioners at the Goodwill Adult Daycare Center. The incident left the staff, elderly and disabled adults who frequent the center with no air conditioning.
The theft is costing the charity thousands of dollars to repair.

01/04/2011 Edmond OK - Edmond police are investigating the theft of about 200 feet of copper wiring.
"Air-conditioning thieves hurting local schools!

/14//2010 Tulsa, OK - Air-conditioning unit thefts at four schools this summer have cost Tulsa Public Schools more than $80,000, officials said Wednesday.
The district is seeking assistance from residents in stopping the theft and damage to public property

"They're just killing us out there," said the district's campus police chief. "These guys show no signs of stopping. The thieves have stolen or damaged both ground and roof-mounted air-conditioning units. T
he most expensive loss was at Burroughs Elementary School, 1924 N. Cincinnati Ave., where thieves made off with 13 entire units. 

Penn Elementary School, 2138 E. 48th St. North, has had three units stolen, and the former Monroe Middle School, 2010 E. 48th St. North, has lost seven units.

At McKinley Elementary School, 6703 E. King St., seven units were destroyed in an apparent attempt to steal their copper tubing.

"They're hitting churches and others — it's not just us — but it's hard times,"
"They're stealing from the taxpayers."

EL RENO, Okla. - Copper thefts are becoming a problem, especially for Banner schools. There isn't much left of the five air conditioning units at his school after thieves broke in to steal the copper Thursday night. "I couldn't believe people would do that to a school. It's the children who suffer, well, we suffer too,"---said . They don't just suffer uncomfortable days, but financially too. It will cost the district at least $10,000 and the same thing happened 2-years-ago. Eating up $44,000 is money that should have and could have gone into other places. "We're trying to do things for kids and we're going to have to spend more money for the air conditioners," Banner Public School Superintendent said.

Hold Harmless Cluse -
 In no way shape or form does Signature Security Solutions nor A Better Construction Company assume any liability for any of the customers assets. These custom built security products are built to help pervent the loss of the customers assets and there are not any expressed or implied guaranties that the customer assets can not be taken because of the use of these products. It is agreed and understood that Security Solution and A Better Construction will be held harmless in the event of any missing customers assets or any damages that may result.

Signature Security Solutions
where quality and pride in craftmanship still counts!

Craftsmanship Without Compromise! 


Signature Security
is your local source for your security product needs

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Three roof top AC units completely gutted of its copper evaporator coils.

Copper thefts reach epidemic proportions !


Property owners, Leasing companies, Maintenace companies and AC Service providers

You should
take preventative actions and be proactive to help keep this from happening to your facilities as just the down time can get expensive in the event of such an attack or a theft was to take place at one of your facility. Most office such as a Dentist and Medical facilities would just have to close and re-schedule its daily business until the damages could be repaired or replaced. It may take days.

Whether you are responsible for a residential AC unit, or a bunch of commercial AC unit, or both, copper theft has always been a problem. AC copper theft has been amplified, and on the increase in price of world wide cooper market.

How many AC units do you have?

A rash of air conditioner thefts leaves local businesses and homes sweltering in the summer heat and local authorities searching for suspects. Such thefts have doubled over the last year. Police say the thieves are searching for copper in the air conditioning units that is worth a small fraction compared to the cost of replacing these units. 

Level 4 Copperhead AC security cage painted

Oklahoma City, OK — Around $1 million in damage was racked up after copper thieves hit three Oklahoma City Public Schools. Oklahoma City Police said the thefts happened over spring break in mid-March.

The large air conditioners were destroyed after being stripped for the copper. Moon Academy, Centennial High school and Classen School of Advanced Studies were hit.

OKC Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said they are investigating a link.“We don’t have good suspect identification so we have to go with what we think, based on how they occurred, the M.O. of what was used and when they occurred, we believe that they’re all related,” he said.

Tierney Tinnen with the Oklahoma City Public School District said, fortunately, all of the schools are scheduled to get new air units under the new MAPS initiative and at no time was the comfort of any student compromised.

“All three sites had two chillers, so one was down and one was able to keep working so we haven’t had any schools or kids without air conditioning,” she said. But Tinnen said the crime costs everyone. “It’s your money, it’s your neighborhood school and they’re coming in and stealing copper from your school, from your kids from our city from our community,” she said. “They’re stealing money out of your pocket.”

Bar type of cages

05-10-2011 WACO - Police say five men stole at least 49 air-conditioners in the Waco area.

The thefts started back in October of 2010, costing residents over $178,000. However, it wasn't the units themselves the thieves were looking for, it was the copper inside. They would take units from numerous vacant or rented houses and churches, then drag them off to salvage yards. Each unit had about $140 worth of copper inside.

06-09-2010 Thieves take copper theft to new heights - EDMOND, Oklahoma -- Three men are accused of trying to steal copper from cell phone tower and air conditioner units. Canadian County Sheriff Edwards said deputies arrested the men after discovering cut copper wire and drugs in their car during a traffic stop.

Authorities say thieves are turning to cell phone towers because they're easy targets. While it's not only dangerous it could have impacted service to thousands of cell phone customers.

Oklahoma City, OK - Copper wiring was ripped out of 4 new homes under construction in NW Oklahoma City Last Month. Total Damage is estimated at $8900. These homes had the insulation and were ready for sheetrock. The delays that the builder had to endure cost much more than the costs of replacing the copper wiring.

Masonic Lodge gets ripped off - Replacing the three new air conditioner units cleaned out at the Masonic Lodge $7,500.“We don't know if the insurance will over it,”

Four AC units missing in SW OKC

Security Cages provide better protection against physical removal, vandalism and copper theft by encapsulating the entire unit. Air Conditioner Cages don’t require any monthly monitoring fees, wiring, alarms, power of security detail to protect your expensive A/C unit.

August 12, 2010 - OKLAHOMA CITY - Employees at a metro office complex are really sweating after thieves took their cool air; they stole the copper from their outdoor units. It's a common occurrence this summer, but this time a suspect was captured on a surveillance camera. Kathy with Hughes Custom Homes said, "As soon as I pulled my truck in the parking lot, there was a big wire cage sitting in between the buildings. I knew exactly what happened." Three air conditioners were ripped apart; all for the small amount of copper in them.

The owners of the building across the parking lot and his cameras caught a picture of the suspect. It shows a man pulling into their parking lot around 4 a.m. Wednesday. It had a $15,000 in replacement costs.

DEL CITY, Okla. -Authorities said they may charge property owners after a man was electrocuted at an apartment complex Tuesday while trying to steal copper.

The incident happened near SE 29 and Sooner Road at an abandoned apartment building where electricity was still flowing.

Del City police are considering filing negligent homicide charges against the owners.

ST. LOUIS Metal thieves have stolen more than $4.6 million in copper and other metal in St. Louis since the beginning of 2010 — and that's just the best guess of police based on 3,485 reported burglaries and thefts.
Oklahoma City police say they arrested three men stealing copper from the old Lincoln Plaza Hotel near Northeast 46th Street and Lincoln Boulevard. Police said the men broke into the building Thursday night and spent several hours cutting up copper and transporting it to their truck. When police arrived, they said the men took off. Officers said they caught all three men involved.

Police said the men were trying to steal a couple of thousand dollars worth of copper pipes.Officers said the men could face felony charges.

A security guard was alert enough to notice, but just a few minutes too late to catch a thief driving off with a lucrative load of copper from the Cerner campus Sunday night.

The guard called police to a building at the Cerner campus at 8:50 p.m. Sunday after spotting a car leaving under suspicious circumstances. That guard noticed a cut fence at 3512 NE 33rd Terrace and several tools where the car had been parked.

Police described the amount of copper taken as "a large loss," along with "a substantial amount of property damage." They estimated the total loss to the business as approximately $100,000.

Level 5 powered coated copperhead security cage.

Insurance companies can drop your coverage after 3 theft claims. Once dropped by your insurance carrier obtaining coverage will be costly, if available at all.

It only takes about three minutes to get the copper out of a AC unit on site and less to just take the whole unit.

Other Solutions - AC Alarms - A security alarm used on an air conditioner that sounds when refrigerant lines are cut, power is lost to the unit, or electrical wires are cut. These theft deterrents devices can act as stand alone units with connected sirens or be tied into existing security monitoring devices.

Air Conditioner Cage - A protective case/shell that surrounds an air conditioning unit. They are made out of durable material, such as steel, and are secured to ground / building by use of bolts or concrete.

COMPARISONS - A/C Alarms offer similar benefits to home alarm systems and can provide audible alert, supports multiple spaces, offers notification through auto dialing a phone numbers and playing a message, and have little to no aesthetic effect. Most cooper thieves know all they have to do is cut the phone lines and the alarm message would never get transmitted to its monitoring service provider. Even if the alarm was to be transmitted notification may be to little to late and may only notify your air conditioner coils have already been taken.

The drawbacks of Air Conditioner Copper Alarms are the following: Require installation cost, costly hardware and additional monthly monitoring charges that will add up over a short period of time, and little protection from any physical theft. Depending on your police departments response time you might be notified that your AC units are now missing.

RECOMMENDATION - AC Alarms and Air Conditioner Cages both provide copper theft protection; however, an AC Cage is the most beneficial for both residential and commercial applications. They provide better protection against physical removal, vandalism and copper theft by encapsulating the entire unit. Air Conditioner Cages don't require any wiring, alarms, power of security detail to protect your expensive A/C unit.

Air Conditioner Cages offer the most bang for the buck in copper theft protection, and just their presence is enough to deter the most skilled copper thieves .

Level 5 Copperhead Plus powder coated backflow prevention valve cage.

Custom on site welding and fabrication services.

Tool & Equipment Security Cages.

Vending Machines Cage Protection


Larger security cages and enclosures are custom built

Also visit our Security Fence section for information.

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